Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy 30th

I just want to wish my wonderful husband a very Happy 30th Birthday. I hope your day is wonderful...I love you!

Monday, April 6, 2009

last weekend

This last weekend was the beginning of our extremely busy season. Thursday June had Girl Scouts in Trenton till 5, then was supposed to be at soccer practice at 5 in McCook. Well I got her picked up and dropped off amazingly on time. Friday Austin had a makeup game for soccer so we headed to McCook again Friday night and his team won, I believe, 20-1. Saturday morning June had to be back at the soccer field by 8 am for pictures then her game. Her team won 2-1, followed by Austin's next game and they lost 4-3.

Watching the game

getting ready to play
during the game....Sunday we decided to celebrate Adam's birthday since it is on Wednesday this year. We had the family up in the afternoon for gifts, cake and ice cream
reading a card from June

we got him guitar hero Metallica, here he is showing off for his dad, randy, Sarah and Dre

on drums was Char, June, and Rick. Another gift was we ordered Wrestlemani 25 for him. Had supper and hung out with Mike, Randy, Sarah, and the kids. On a final note....Undertaker is 17-0 baby.

Dre not crying, for once, while I'm near him.