Friday, January 1, 2010

Mix of all

these three are crazy as can be
Brandon and Lindsay

surprised by his gift
two weeks ago Adam had to go in for surgery to remove a cyst off his tailbone. he has had his ups and downs but hopefully he will get his stitches out this week and can go back to work
thanksgiving with my family

my aunt deb and uncle cliff

another view of the family

Makyn and Dre became good buddies

Austin, June, and Jayden wrestling....looks like she is trying to beat her brother
this is probably the happiest baby you will ever meet...Camron

these two are really good friends.

One for Austin

Where to begin with Austin...he is becoming a very active little boy. So far he has played soccer, tball, and football. Tomorrow he starts basketball and hopefully it will go well. He keeps me pretty entertained throughout the days but have been having a little problem with his attitude. That is going to his new years resolution if he likes it or not. He still likes to go hunting with grandpa whenever he can and is starting to like watching football and baseball on TV.

two peas in a pod
Austin showing grandpa how to work a computer
after the Christmas program

such a card

One for June

June is ever keeping us busy as usual. She is doing her first year of basketball and really isn't liking it all that well. She is still in girl scouts she finished up peanuts top seller again and is now getting ready for cookies and trying to earn her bronze award. She did volleyball again this year and did great, she is almost serving from behind the line like the high schoolers. Besides her sports and girl scouts she is still involved in her church and getting straight A's in school. Here are a few pics from the past few months.

the junior girl scouts at their Christmas party all of her peanuts
at girl scout spa day
June and Adelina soaking their feet
getting her hair chopped

first basketball game
Christmas 09
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after the Christmas concert

one for the miners

I love the holidays because we get to be around our family. My brothers kids and mine get along pretty good and have a great time when they are together. We do Christmas with my family at my house and this year for New years Randy, Sarah and the kids came over for some wii fun.
the little drummer boy
my mom and dre
hunter playing with the nintendo
dre sneaking food
my wonderful brother
sarah checking out her gift
my dad
this would be hunter opening his christmas gifts

belle and hunter being dorks
just belle being a dork