Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day two

Day two didn't start very well....he showed me how bad he really hates the eye drops. I think he looks worse today.We will wait and see

just being a dork, dancing to Diego

he kinda looks stoned huh?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

what a day

For some reason on the way home from work today I decided to call and check my voice mail and there was a message from the school telling me that they think Austin has pink eye but since it was almost 3 not to worry about it. Well I called and got him into the doctor and sure enough both eyes are completely infected....poor guy. We already found out that he doesn't like the eye will be a fun week. So I am staying home tomorrow and hopefully will get some work done.
These pics don't show how bad his eyes really are.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Well they went out for a few hours yesterday and walked the fields they saw some turkey and shot one pheasant but having the worlds greatest hunting dog....they never found it. lol I guess Rick was teaching Austin to look for animal prints and found some deer prints...well while Rick was explaining it Austin looked up and said, "Oh you mean like that deer standing right there?" Rick almost missed funny. Anyway Austin is ready to go again but he wants to do bow hunting next time. I think this will be a good experience for both of them because grandpa has 4 girls, and I don't think any of them cared for hunting. They are already starting on strategy on how to use the bows and the guns and getting their tickets filled in the quickest manner. It also helps they are both left handed so Rick can teach him properly. Well until next and have a great day.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weekly update

Last week my father in law went to Denver and found Austin's costume. He also bought me a gift for my collection and here it is....I love it.
Our master photographer

Today pheasant hunting began and Grandpa Rick took Austin out....he was so excited. Well except when football was on.

Striking a pose with his rifle little boy is growing up so fast....a hunter...who knew? I will let you know how the trip went when they get back.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well June finished up volleyball today with a great record. They played 14 matches total for the season and her team won 13 of them. Not to bad in my book. Then we headed to North Platte to take back the over estimated insulation we ended with and we bought all the lighting for the rooms and Austins carpet. We will see how that turns out.

Most people have a Christmas village they display every year. Well I prefer a Halloween one. We pulled everything out of the basement tonight and got it all set up. The pictures don't do it justice. Most of the stuff lights up and moves, you would just have to see it.

You can't tell by the pics but there is a whole other scene facing the outside. I will try to get pics of that when its light out.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

finally an update

OK here is how are life has been going..... This is the ceiling in the kitchen...we had to move a light switch because we moved the door and instead of trying to fish the wire he just took the hammer and made a path. Now that means we will be doing the kitchen after the new year. But we are making progress on the rest of the house. We are down to one wall left to drywall in the dining room and a few other small pieces to put up. Then we are down to mudding...Yeah. I will try to get pics of the progress at another time.
About 2 weeks ago the guy Adam works with got married and it was a beautiful wedding. They got married at Cambridge park in the afternoon with the leaves was just a great wedding. They made the whole thing kid friendly by having balloons every where, animal crackers on the table, when the dance started the fathers of the bride handed all the kids glow sticks and the bride and groom got them all goodie bags. Everyone had a blast. Above is Adams boss Kelly and his son Trent at the reception. Trent was stealing our animal crackers.

June "pounding" me..
Austin with his leaf at the wedding.

The bride and groom Shaun and Michelle Kicher and their polka dot cake
Shaun and his daughter Maci
Michelle with her dad and step dad
The best man and maid of honor
one of the groomsmen and bridesmaids
flower girl and ring bearer

Monday, October 13, 2008


Just a quick note to Joe and Sarah--Congratulations on the new girl she is a cutie.

Friday, October 3, 2008

just a little info

It's been a busy week and I will post more on that later but I just wanted to let everyone know we don't look like poor white trash anymore....Mom and Dad came up a couple of days and cleaned our whole mess up and hauled it away. Thank you to them and again I will hopefully post more this weekend.