Wednesday, December 29, 2010

one more for the year

Again our lives have been fun....still no sports as of now. Austin starts his second year of basketball in a couple of weeks. June was supposed to but on Christmas night she broke her arm again. Same arm same bones. All the kids were wrestling, she tripped and one story was someone fell on her but no one else recalls that lol. either way she is in a cast for another 7 weeks minimum. Christmas was also disappointing because i spent the whole weekend sick, and didn't get to be with the family
hunter and austin playing with the light sabers
loving the muscles
handsome man ready for the Christmas program
june ready for the christmas program
waiting on x-rays
playing her clarinet

getting ready to have her arm set

Sunday, October 3, 2010

one for my bestie

Ok so it's been like forever since I have updated so here goes our craziness
We have had an extremely busy year with lots of visits to the hospital starting with adam in december getting a cyst removed from his tailbone. June turned 10 in February. We went to new mexico in march to see my aunt get married and had some fun catching up with my uncle richard. on the way home i got the joy of stopping in the er for severe pain and within the month had to have my gall bladder out. i have still been having stomach issues and many visits later we have narrowed it down to IBS. the only thing to do with that is some over the counter meds and watch what i eat. in june i turned the big 3-0 and treated myself to a wonderful day only to have june break her arm a week later. her hand slipped off a door handle and she landed wrong and broke both bones in her arm. 12 weeks later she was finally cleared and healed. austin has been our healthy one this year (knock on wood). june started 5th grade this year and is doing good. she is in band which makes me a happy mom. she finally decided on the clarinet and lucky for us i still had mine and was in great condition. Austin turned 7 in august and started the 2nd grade and for the most part is enjoying it. the only thing i get out of his teacher is he talks too much (which we already knew). labor day weekend we headed to denver and had a blast! went shopping, to boondocks, water world and a rockies game. we also got to hike a little too and i can say this was one of our best vacations. we are up to now and there isn't a whole lot to report, we are trying to finish up some unfinished projects around the house, neither kid is in sports this fall so the only thing we have going is june is still in girl scouts. we did lose a member from our house recently, our cat raider disappeared. after waiting a month we (I) decided to replace him so now we have oliver the kitten. i didn't upload a lot of pics but here are a few of my favorites over the last 7 months austin getting to drive go carts for the first time (he is a very cautious driver)
at the waterfall in the mountains
the broken arm
1st day of 5th grade
7th birthday

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday

I am wishing my little girl a very happy 10th birthday today. It's so hard to believe that 10 years can go by so fast. She is turning out to be such a wonderful person and I am so lucky to have her in our lives. Love you baby girl.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Mix of all

these three are crazy as can be
Brandon and Lindsay

surprised by his gift
two weeks ago Adam had to go in for surgery to remove a cyst off his tailbone. he has had his ups and downs but hopefully he will get his stitches out this week and can go back to work
thanksgiving with my family

my aunt deb and uncle cliff

another view of the family

Makyn and Dre became good buddies

Austin, June, and Jayden wrestling....looks like she is trying to beat her brother
this is probably the happiest baby you will ever meet...Camron

these two are really good friends.

One for Austin

Where to begin with Austin...he is becoming a very active little boy. So far he has played soccer, tball, and football. Tomorrow he starts basketball and hopefully it will go well. He keeps me pretty entertained throughout the days but have been having a little problem with his attitude. That is going to his new years resolution if he likes it or not. He still likes to go hunting with grandpa whenever he can and is starting to like watching football and baseball on TV.

two peas in a pod
Austin showing grandpa how to work a computer
after the Christmas program

such a card

One for June

June is ever keeping us busy as usual. She is doing her first year of basketball and really isn't liking it all that well. She is still in girl scouts she finished up peanuts top seller again and is now getting ready for cookies and trying to earn her bronze award. She did volleyball again this year and did great, she is almost serving from behind the line like the high schoolers. Besides her sports and girl scouts she is still involved in her church and getting straight A's in school. Here are a few pics from the past few months.

the junior girl scouts at their Christmas party all of her peanuts
at girl scout spa day
June and Adelina soaking their feet
getting her hair chopped

first basketball game
Christmas 09
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after the Christmas concert