Tuesday, October 14, 2008

finally an update

OK here is how are life has been going..... This is the ceiling in the kitchen...we had to move a light switch because we moved the door and instead of trying to fish the wire he just took the hammer and made a path. Now that means we will be doing the kitchen after the new year. But we are making progress on the rest of the house. We are down to one wall left to drywall in the dining room and a few other small pieces to put up. Then we are down to mudding...Yeah. I will try to get pics of the progress at another time.
About 2 weeks ago the guy Adam works with got married and it was a beautiful wedding. They got married at Cambridge park in the afternoon with the leaves falling...it was just a great wedding. They made the whole thing kid friendly by having balloons every where, animal crackers on the table, when the dance started the fathers of the bride handed all the kids glow sticks and the bride and groom got them all goodie bags. Everyone had a blast. Above is Adams boss Kelly and his son Trent at the reception. Trent was stealing our animal crackers.

June "pounding" me..
Austin with his leaf at the wedding.

The bride and groom Shaun and Michelle Kicher and their polka dot cake
Shaun and his daughter Maci
Michelle with her dad and step dad
The best man and maid of honor
one of the groomsmen and bridesmaids
flower girl and ring bearer

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