Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth of July

On Friday the 4th we got up and went to the parade and had fun watching all the entrants go by. We followed up to the park and did the dunk tank and got snow cones. Next on our agenda was swimming and the money dive. For the evenings events we had a BBQ with Kelly and Heather and Kelly's family. It was lots of fun just sitting around talking. Then we went and watched the Culbertson show at Alethas. Finally we ended the night back at Kelly and Heathers to light off our fire works. The only problem we encountered was Kelly's son Payten lit off one and it bounced off all of us sitting there and almost started Kelly's mom on fire. It wasn't as serious as it sounds and we were all laughing our butts off. Before I go I would like to say to Dave and Amy: see you at the next parade. lol

The happy couple
I think he was bored

Miss patriotic

getting candy at the parade

The new haircut

Austin, Megan, and Shelby: Austin has his whip and was mad the girls dressed him up as a girl.

Pretty fireworks

Adam, Corey and Payten

Kelly's dad, his mom Linda, Heather, Kelly, Adam, and Corey

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