Sunday, September 28, 2008

another week in paradise

This weekend was Heritage Days and we headed out for the parade. It wasn't the same not seeing the Dave there but we survived.
June, Leiaunna, Aunt Deb, Char, Dalten, Austin, Colten and Dakota
This is a bulldog who was watching from up above and it was just so cute

The after on the front porch
my lovely kitchen floor....can't wait to fix that. Over all the week has gone by fast but tensions are growing and we aren't getting along at all like we should....the stresses of remodeling UUHHHGGG. Oh well we will survive. I am trying to be understanding because on top of all the remodeling and stuff going on for the kids Adam quit smoking. His last cigarette was Thursday at 5:20. He is doing good but is very cranky. I'm hoping it will pass in a couple of weeks. Well till next time.

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