Monday, September 15, 2008


June started volleyball a couple of weeks ago and her team is doing awesome. This last weekend June brought a friend to the game and we left Adalina in charge of pics and here is some of her handy work. We also finally finished ripping out our house and I will try to post those pics sometime this week. It is a true nightmare but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. On top of volleyball and remodeling, June has been selling girl scout peanuts and candy is up to about 275 cans sold. Then on Sunday June and Austin attended the kick off party for ABC club (church) and will start attending every Wednesday. I have also been helping a local photographer with school pics. and am hoping to finish with her this week. And the final straw on the camels back is last Monday June got sick and Wednesday Austin started having another Asthma attack. So if I don't get new posts up you have so idea why.....crazy is the word of the week.

Adalina in all her glory
a little sweeter
he gets kinda bored during the game so we bring the Nintendo to keep us busy
the girls playing...June is number 5
another of the girls.

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