Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

Oh what a busy weekend. Thursday we went to my grandparents in Palisade and had supper with the whole family. It was nice to see everyone back but we really didn't get enough time to talk with everyone.
Getting ready to head out.

Tristen, Austin, and Hunter spent most of the night trying to get the football from Lillie. She is of course the tallest of them all and was holding it above their heads...they figured out the only way to get the ball from her was to tackle her. We then decided to do family pics and here is our huge family....
Randy, Sarah, Lillie, Hunter, and Dre

me and mine

Aunt Deb, Uncle Byron, Autumn, Sasauna, Leiauna

Uncle Scot, Aunt Mandi, Tony, Caleb, and Nicholas

Larissa, Shane, Sandy, Tristen, Lemoine, Ashley (and baby number 2) Makyn, and Nate

Uncle Cliff, Aunt Nancy, Jeremy, Zachary, Ben, Derek, and Tyler

When we were all done we headed back to mom and dads to hang out. Dre got a kick out of the cat toys...
Friday night we went bowling with Adam's boss Kelly and his kids and girlfriend, and had a really good time. Even though I got beat by both of my kids all night. Yesterday we had Thanksgiving dinner with Adam's dad and again we all ate to much and just sat around talking all night. Today we will be going to see Santa at the craft show here in Culbertson and that should put an end to our Thanksgiving weekend.

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