Sunday, November 23, 2008

A week in our life

This has been a very busy week in our house hold. Tuesday my boss was fired so all hell has been breaking loose at work. Wednesday night I had Girl Scout training all night. Thursday June had a meeting till 5 in Trenton, I had to come home drop her off and head back to Trenton for another Girl Scout meeting and then finally got to head off to pool. Friday Austin and I hung out while Adam and June took Mike to the store...

You can see just how much fun we had. All tuckered out.

Austin and I having fun with the camera. I had to work all day Saturday so Adam took the kids to North Platte and we found out our daughter is growing way to fast. Both kids needed shoes and June is up to a 5 1/2 already. Saturday night we had Thanksgiving at Char's and we celebrated my nephew Jaydens 2nd birthday. It was a lot of fun.
Just one little bite is all I need.

Riding away waiting for gifts.

June and Jayden playing ball....that was the game of the night

Austin and Jayden waiting for June to throw the ball.

Brandon and Jayden eating cake.

He was such a little ham.

On Sunday we were supposed to have another tatt party but ended up with just one tatt but a ton of piercings. There were 3 nose rings and Adam got his lip pierced for the second time. Sarah came over because she was one that got her nose pierced and we got to play with Dre. I figured since his dad won't post pics I will....isn't he getting so big? Then Sunday night I wanted to go to the movies so we convinced Adam to take us and we all went to Bolt. I highly enjoyed it that is for sure. To top off this wonderfully long week June ended up with pink much fun I tell you. Well lets see how next week turns out....till then.

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