Monday, February 16, 2009

The Birthday Party

This Saturday was a busy busy day. As you know June turned 9 and she got to have her birthday party at the YMCA and Pizza Hut. We were going to swim for 2 hours, but the water was kinda cold so most of the children wanted to do something else. Adam stayed swimming with Austin and another little boy while I took everyone else to burn some energy.

This is what insanity looks like
some of the children having fun
June and Adalina swimming

Burning off excess energy with a rolling competition

Then a log roll competition
Then headed to play basketball

my little dork
June and Courtney

Adalina and Maleesha
shooting some hoops

We finally made it to Pizza Hut and here is part of the group...Derrek, Wyatt, Zachary, Isabelle, Rylie, and Courtney

Zach and Wyatt wrestling for pizza. If you notice they are all wearing neat stocking hats. Instead of handing out party bags with stuff in them they won't use June picked out stocking hats as party favors. (Plus mom was thinking we are swimming in February and I don't want anyone sick)

Blowing out the candles

Serving up the cake

Adalina, June, Jordan, and Maleesha

Showing off one of her gifts. I will say that this was one of the most fun birthday's we have hosted. I think everyone really enjoyed themselves.

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