Monday, February 23, 2009

One for Tammy

What a weekend....Friday night after we took Mike to the store we stopped at a friends house to see how he was doing after getting out of the hospital. Saturday we headed to North Platte to finally get the carpet for our living room, now just to find someone to install it. Plus we got new phones that aren't pieces of crap. Sunday we went to the in laws and got to finally meet our new nephew Camron who is about 5 months old. What a cutie. Then a guy I work with wanted another tattoo so he came over and brought his puppy Jersey over to play with her brother Bolt. They were so happy to see each other and I'm now worried because Bolt is like double her much for a small dog. And the best news of all....I'm pregnant! ok just kidding but Girl Scout coookies are in. If you bought look for your Girl Scout to be showing up real soon.

sitting pretty for a treat
now my turn

playing on the couch

do you see the size difference?

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