Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Funny Story

OK here is a funny story for everyone. About 2 years ago we adopted 2 kitties, Raider and Puddin. We haven't had good luck with neighborhood cats (fighting) so I decided these were going to be inside only kitties. Well June picked out this long haired black girl and named her Puddin. While I was waiting to tell the lady, who was giving them away, we were taking one I fell in love with Raider (a little boy). So here lies a problem...one male one female and we don't want kittens. So about a year ago we got Raider fixed because he was cheaper. Everything has been going fine and dandy except Puddin keeps going into heat and is mounting her brother. Well we got our taxes back and I told Adam we will get Puddin fixed and be done with it, so I made the appointment. I took her in yesterday and Nancy said it would be about $113 all together and we could pick her up today.

Today I go to pick her up and walk in the door and Nancy is smiling. She said there was a slight price adjustment for the procedure and proceeded to tell me why.....Puddin didn't get spayed he got neutered. I about fell on the floor laughing. For 2 years we have had 2 little boys not one of each. She offered to show me what they cut off as proof and I told her I would take her word for it. I guess Puddin's hair has always been long enough we never noticed the maleness of him. Can you say.....DEE DE DEE. So I called Adam to tell him the news and we came up with the same conclusion....they could have been going outside the whole time because neither one would get pregnant and probally didn't need to fix either. But oh well we are now helping keep the kittie population down for everyone else. As a little inside joke we have been trying to come up with a name for "new" boy cat and the name Devin keeps popping up, on the other hand June asked since we need a boy name can we name him Randy. Some how I don't think he will apriciate that. I think after 2 years with a girly name Pudddin will survive...the damage has been done. lol

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