Tuesday, October 25, 2011

one for austin

Well Austin has been our busy bee of the year. Leaving off in December he loved basketball and can't wait to play again this year. He has proved over the year he is a good student and still has issues with talking to much. In June we had something unexpected happen. It looked like he had a bad sunburn on his face and within the week it looked like his face had melted off. It was very hard to see him like that and we still don't have answers.
He got to play sluggers baseball this year and got to try different positions out. He did really good at catcher but was even better in the field because of his speed and arm.
Him and Oliver have become good friends over the years. Oliver puts up with so much from him
Austin turned 8 this year and on his birthday his face burned again. So we have been going to a dermatologist to see if she can help up figure out the mystery....so far they are as baffled as we are.
He did get to have some fun at the lake this summer

the burn

He is starting to like football a little more....not to play just to watch. Bless his heart he is a Raiders fan not a Bronco one. Since there is so much energy in his little body he has to be active in something besides school, instead of doing sports this year he opted for guitar lessons and karate. Guitar is going great and he picks up everything very quickly, karate he also enjoys but I have a feeling dance will be replacing it next year.

so that pretty much sums up Austins year in a nut shell

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