Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One for us

We have had a pretty good year. We celebrated 11 years of marriage in August, and will be together 13 next month. the time sure flies when you are having fun. Adam has been with Murfin for 4 years now and is still chugging along. I have been with Golight for 2.
The theme of the year (besides kids stuff) has been concerts and sports. We attended a Rockies White Sox game and went to our first ever NFL game, watching the Raiders beat the Broncos.
As for concerts we took June to Hinder and My Darkest Days in North Platte and had such a good time Adam and I got tickets to see 3 Days Grace and My Darkest Days in August. The week before the concert 3DG cancelled so MDD and Paisty Jenny played and it was awesome. In July Aletha and I went to The Beach Boys in Grand Island and just had a girls weekend out. It was a busy summer but definitely a fun one.
We spent more time than we have with Adams two sisters and found out we will have a new nephew in January. Other than following the kids around that has been our busy lives

the group at the hockey game

Raiders on the field
crystal and I with Matt and Reid from My Darkest Days!!!

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