Monday, August 11, 2008

Austin's party

On Saturday we had our annual BBQ/Birthday parties and everything went wonderful. The weather turned out beautiful and we could do everything outside. I spent all day cooking for the 35 guests that showed up and it was just a great night. Every year we either do a party for Austin and Randy or Austin and Sarah. This year was Randy because most of the grandparents will be gone the weekend of Austin's actual birthday.

Indiana Jones cake
My brothers birthday cake was supposed to have 30 sparklers on it but they all blew out before we got it outside...oh well

some of the other guests....Mike, Brandon, Colten, Dakota, Adryan, Tony, June, Adam

a few of the lovely guests...grandpa Rick, Jess, Eric, grandpa Mike and grandpa Richard

there was so much going on so fast

blowing out the candles

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