Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Trip...worlds of fun

On Sunday we spent the day at Worlds of Fun and we had a blast. The kids were in awe...most of the day their mouths were dropped open. June was scared of most of the rides but did find a few she liked. Austin was also scared but he stuck it all out and gave it a try. One ride we all wanted to go on was the fury of the Nile. Well we waited in line for about an hour and finally got to the front and they refused to let Austin on, since he couldn't go I couldn't go and i was more than upset. Austin took it not so well either. He just cried and the adult bumper cars he wasn't allowed on either and he again started to cry. But all in all it was a great day.

waiting in line for the fury of the Nile
still waiting

the bumper cars were a big hit

Adam and June on the fury of the Nile

Austin taking pics while we waited for Adam to ride the coasters

playing on the scenery

This is so cool mom...

June and the snoopy character

still waiting for dad and recovering from an accident....June went to get some cold water to cool us all down and caught her toe on the door and ripped it open.

we are the wizards. They had a cool hat store there and Austin was frying so we got each of the kids a hat...

Just got off the Mamba and loved every minute of it..

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