Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Royals vs. White Sox

OK we left for Kansas City Friday when Adam got off work and we go to Junction City about midnight after searching 3 cities for a hotel, we got the last room in town. We got up and got to KC about 10 and found out our game didn't start at 6 it was moved to 3. We had enough time to get to the stadium and hopefully catch warm ups. Well we got lost and by the time we found our way again we got their during batting practice. It was 107 degrees out with a heat index of 112 and it was miserable but non the less we had fun. The kids kinda got restless but said they liked being there. Austin was upset he didn't get a baseball so we bought him one. After the game we took the kids to Olive Garden and again they loved it. The littlest things amused them though out the trip. Austin loved the house we stayed at because of all the stairs he could slide down and all the wonderful toys my aunt has for her daycare. Then they rode and escalator for the first time and he was like a little kid in a candy store, it was very cute. We went to Worlds of Fun Sunday and Chuck E. Cheeses. On Monday we went to Oceans of Fun. I didn't get any pics there but I guarantee you fun was had by all. Monday night we took the kids to a real mall and they got to do the build a bear thing and to top the weekend off we just hung out at the house and talked to my aunt and uncle while the kids played with their boys. It was a great vacation and I am looking forward to our next.

to keep the long ride fun we had our Nintendo's

Kauffman stadium...Austin was more interested in Arrowhead stadium which shares a parking lot with Kauffman.

notice the home made tat on this girl....

they gave out free hats when you walked in the door and it was a good thing he was red before the game even started.

watching warm ups and hoping for a autograph or ball.

The day we went was military appreciation day so there were all kinds of dedications and every branch had their new inductees state their oath on the field before the game. It was really neat to see.

Bobby Jenks (my favorite player) who once again I didn't get to see play because we lost.

standing for the pledge

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